Flowers and Mandela

Edited on IphotoA Flower is a magnifcent piece in the puzzle of life. Sub-sequently growth, Beauty and life become dominant human fixations of a plant, also presenting adversity in the face of retribution.

The funny thing is, we as humans can never foresee our divine struggle, but when it comes we must overcome it. Much like a flower in its seasonal hardships. Now, lets compare humanity to roses, none are exactly alike. It seems individualism is weaved into the fabric of even the simplest of things.

Though the most intriguing thing about flowers lay in their ability to persevere in the hardest of times. A withered flower can always bloom once more.

I guess even at the darkest of times a prevailing light within remains: hope, opportunity and love. In essence, a flower represents this light in its loving existence.

Take a moment to look at a flower. Do you feel something? I know I did! There seems to be an unknown yet extremely influential connection between humans and flowers.

I can be talked into something pretty quick at times, this comes from my emotive nature. In addition, these traits leave me locked in a prison with Nelson Mandela. Left for dead as a result of the discrepancy between the general opinion of society and our heart bound ideologies.literally I am far from a prison yet in a figurative sense I could only wish to say the same.

I can only imagine how Mandela felt……

In North America we preach free speech. Though if that were true, a lot of us probably would not have made it this far. It is human nature to attribute freedom a little to easily, and now “freedom” hardly seems to mean anything at all. Yes I put the word freedom in stupid douchey quotes. Wouldn’t you?

We live in a society dominated by the subtle yet suppressing factor of conformity. Its gotten to the point that our thoughts must be forever restrained. I don’t know about you but this leaves me with ideas becoming bombastic and impatient within the deepest valleys of my mind!

Have you ever felt like you have no voice? If not I can tell you it hurts, though I’m sure a lot of you can relate. I guess you could say being helpless is my greatest fear and writing is my most influential tool.

In a world where the general populace is suffering and struggling to feed their bellies. How can could we even think to complain about our recent break up or even whine about being bloated? We can’t just live in our dream world pretending we do not have a greater opportunity then the rest of the world. I wish I could fix it. Are we helpless?

No. Nobody is helpless. Here, through writing we can fix all the problems and preach salvation to those who need it. Anybody can speak out, I beg you to not worry about conformity or the pressures of society. We all have the responsibility to be who we are.

In the final analysis, we are all flowers in the garden of life. Time and time again we are pushed back into our shell but we will always bloom once more.

I beg everyone to speak out and stand up to those who say you can’t.


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One Comment on “Flowers and Mandela”

  1. Maria
    March 2, 2012 at 4:32 am #

    Cool blog!

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