An Assholes trip to Maui

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Five days and still no words, but take into consideration I have been in Maui: surfing the waves, drinking and enjoying the little things: Mai Thais, margaritas and masturbation. So cut me some slack.

I have come to realize over the past week, that it is amazing how much we forget. You see, life is fucking amazing but we often get caught up in the shitty parts of it, such as the bad days at work, or the seemingly endless years so many of us spend pursuing education. I sure did and the funny thing is that both of which serve only to lead us to where we wish to be….

In my case it is the dream of that beach house in Cali driving a Porsche that gets me hard and keeps me going. That said, it is in our nature to adapt and pursue our turn ons. I once heard the expression, “grab the shaft and never let go until you see the job done”. Though, the question was to what extent? Should we work ourselves to exhaustion, day in and day out?  The answer is no, to do so would mean to forget and become tired. This would lead us to lose touch with what living is all about…. And I have dictated this before 😉 in the infamous milestones we all enjoy. Including that of binge drinking, dance parties and embracing one and other.

But it is all quite simple… We must live to enjoy and love. Now hearing this, do yourself a favor and fall in love with as many things as possible because to love is to be human and there is nothing we need more in our lives then to embrace the beauty of the world around us, apart from sex and tokes.

Right now I am sitting on the very beaches that provide the inherited ability to do so and I see a mother holding the hand of her daughter all the while preserving the most righteous of smiles. I see people swimming, leaving their imaginations open to take them to the places that may only be compared to that of their childhood bliss. I also see those middle aged men, Google eyed at the sight of the accumulating splendor found in the: vibrantly lit bikinis, bubble butts, stunning breasts and jail bait the beach delivers. I can’t lie my eyes have wandered too but I lay in the third category where I see people who are simply missing those special people back home like the friends, family and significant others aka those special someone’s they left behind.

There is but one thing all these people have in common a state of, love, tranquility and peace. I have found most of them have achieved this feat through the alcohol vacation combo wombo.

More seriously, it is a fact that most of these peoples lives and ambitions have been shrouded within the shit life throws at everyone week after week, it seems the job cannot always be accomplished with ease. I’m sure I didn’t have to tell you that.

The point is life is damn hard and to use the previous analogies’ we all have a shaft to grab and a job to see through, hold your values close and get to where you want to be.

~The Asshole

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  1. DeeDee
    May 30, 2012 at 2:07 pm #

    Nice to hear that you kept yourself busy with the holy trinity of the 3 M’s while in Maui, & for a self professed ‘Asshole’ this was a very touching, poignant posting that I very much enjoyed.

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