“Special” Brownies ;)

Edibles – Brownies


My first experience with the hallucinogenic properties of baked marijuana came to me in the form of a beautiful surprise that succeeded in making my otherwise shitty day, incredible.

It all happened about two months ago but I have yet to forget such a miraculous day. It was miraculous in that I discovered Mary Jane in her purest, not to mention most delicious form. It was as if I had found true love. You see, her naked body was exhilarating enough and I should have stopped our intimate little endeavor right there but being the asshole I am how could I ever say no to a woman like that. She was so fresh that I could not fathom falsifying any attempt at disregarding a taste of her bittersweet brownies.

Simply, edibles can only be compared to sex; not only are they on the same tier of pleasure but I would go so far as to say that the same unwritten rules apply. The rule of thumb in both these scenarios is to always go down on her first, why? Well nine out of ten times she will return the favor 😉 and believe me that’s not a bad ratio considering she will bring you a hell of a lot more pleasure then you could her.

Looking back, it seems I was locked in the anticipation of having Mary Jane bang my brains out, despite the fact that she had been going down on my buddies for a few hours prior to my arrival and perhaps that says a little something about life… could it be that sloppy seconds is more inevitable than anything we have come to know?

Prior to my adventure I had been busy at work at the office aka the liquor store and if it hadn’t been for my good buddy and co-worker Cane I would have lost it on these stressful and scary customers who were of native descent. Cane and I were both longing to meet up with out good friends who were getting banged by MJ and these people were frankly just too much… Surly enough we persevered and work had ended without a robbery or assault for that matter and we sped to my place to drop off my car. Here, we ran our hearts out as it was a three kilometers to Lady Greek’s house as she was hosting the excursion (if you want to get to know Lady Greek better check out the post A Damn Good Saturday). Upon our entry we were ushered to the kitchen as everyone was seemingly tripping balls on the floor above. To our surprise a whole tray of brownies had been salvaged and saved just for us…

A whole tray between the two of us seemed to be quite a generous portion and I began to question the motives behind this generosity. But, Lady Greek was quick to reassure us that the single tray between the seven of them did not bring on any high what so ever and in order to make the best of the batch we had to split a tray. The fact is she is one of the nicest most trustable people I have ever met, I had no clue she was f*&king with us.

Simultaneously, my hunger had kicked in and in spite of my reluctant emotions to eat so many brownies, Cane and I woofed them down in a matter of minutes. We were betrayed, but not heart broken, in fact it was more of an awesome gift. Within the first ten minutes I was feeling pretty good really happy too! By half an hour I was watching One Tree Hill…. WTF. At the fifty minute mark everything was feeling all weird and I had begun the journey home with my friend J and by the time I got home the world had been reduced to delirious spinning and I felt as if I had been blinded by its intensity. I passed out, luckily enough I awoke in my bed. To my surprise I was dazed and confused and still tripping. My mother made note of how off I seemed but continued to rush me out the door to go study for an exam. My day at the university was composed of three lunches and two dinners with naps in between, I guess you could say the munchies had got the better of me. I had come to the realization that MJ had banged my brains out and now that was a good enough conclusion for me.

Now, without a doubt I will vouch for marijuana, as there is a lot to love about something that brings so much joy and tenderness to the world. Lets put the medical bonuses aside, and break this illegal substance down to its most fundamental components. We have a plant that puts aside race and gender and instead seeks to pleasure both man and woman a like black or white. You see, Mary Jane is as bisexual as Nelly Furtado and Angelina Jolie and could never discriminate on race. How could the administrative powers of North America even come close to justifying the illegality of a substance that fundamentally promotes everything that has been fought for over the last hundred years. Black rights? Universal Suffrage? From birth our culture preaches the importance of these values and prides itself in taking two steps forward in regards to an unprejudiced society. All I see is 2 steps forward and one giant leap back. Marijuana is not only a good time, but it is a symbol of freedom and justice itself. Sadly, a justice that is fading and could be lost if we don’t fight for what is right.


Saturday 🙂

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  1. Raven
    January 21, 2013 at 7:21 am #

    We haven’t heard from you in a bit.
    Come on, you must have something to say……..

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